• Commercial-technical analysis of user requirements
  • Defining the preposition for technical solution 
  • General calculation and assessment of the project costs
  • Collection and analysis of the actual project documentation
  • Selection of basic equipment
  • Colaboration with potential partners and sub-suppliers
  • Technical support in every phase of projects for mining machinery automation
  • Concise descriptions of project tasks and basic designs
  • Technical support in defining the tender documentation
  • Defining structure and concept of electrical equipment
  • Comparative analysis of possible technical solutions
  • Optimization of investment costs
  • Development of projects for new mining machines
  • Generating of detailed design for mining machines
  • Creating as-built documentation
  • Designing electrical supply systems, control systems and electrical drives
  • Participation and contribution in research and projects concerning reconstruction and modernization of mining machines
  • Configuration of control equipment
  • Development of PLC control software
  • Development of HMI software
  • Parameterization of frequency converters
  • Software testing in workshop conditions
  • Software testing and commissioning on mining machines
  • Creating additional user manuals for handling software





  • Preparation activities for on-site installation and commissioning
  • On-site project supervision
  • On-site supervision of equipment  installation
  • Coordination with other contractors on-site
  • Cold commissioning
  • Hot commissioning
  • Parameterization of control equipment
  • Parameterization of frequency converters
  • Parameterization of field devices
  • Functional testing for machines
  • Commissioning and monitoring of trial runs
  • End-user training for machine operation
  • End-user training for electrical equipment maintenance
  • End-user training for controlling PLC systems
  • End-user training for handling frequency converters
  • Creation of technical documentation using our own, or any other company’s basic design:
  • Main design
  • Detailed design
  • As-built documentation
  • Technical descriptions
  • Operation manuals
  • Maintenance manuals